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The Wedding Plan: A Marvin J. Mavin Story
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Three Move Opening, Part 3
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Three Move Opening, Part 5
Three Move Opening, Part 6
Three Move Opening, Part 7
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Uncle Ben's Porch: When 'Sorry' Isn't Enough
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Valentine's Day: A Beacon Cafe Story
Wacky World
When I Played Checkers For My Life
Winter: A Beacon Cafe Story
4th of July 2023
A Checker Wedding
A Dishpan Move
A Flora Temple Thriller
A Great Shot, But Can You Win The Ending?
A Leak in the Dyke
A Sports Bar Debate
A Switcher Autopsy
A Well-Rounded Gentleman
Allan Millhone Plays Checkers
An Exhibition Match
An Oktoberfest Contest
Atomic Marvin
Block Construction
Did Marvin Blow The Game?
Did Marvin Blow the Game? (Conclusion)
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Fix Me
Fourth of July Picnic
Happy Holidays 2019
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Marvin Meets Mary
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The 'Fun Shot' in the Single Corner Opening
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The 2005 ACF 9th District Tournament
The ACF Nationals
The Cold War Revisited
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Definitive Analysis of 11-Man Ballot
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Joe Schwartz Reflects on Checkers Experiences
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Mac Banks, Sportsman and Champion
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4th of July Special
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4th of July, 2021
4th of July: America United
4th of July: The Sentinel
999: An 18th Anniversary Special
A 'Maid of the Mill' Surprise
A (Not So) Easy Problem
A Bit of a Break
A Bit of a Break --- for Coffee and Cake?
A Bit Too Advanced
A Cakewalk
A CCCP Speed Problem
A Checker Author, Too
A Checker Engagement
A Checker Hutzler
A Cross Loss
A Crowd Scene
A Day in June
A Different Prize Problem
A Familiar Position
A Fantasy
A Fast Fall
A February Short
A Friendly Sitting
A Gentle Stroke
A Gentle Stroke
A Good Start
A Grand Rapids 4th
A Grand Rapids Speedster
A Holiday Puzzler
A Holiday Visitor at the Beacon Cafe
A January Warmup
A Little Deceiver
A Little Lighter
A Little Mischief
A Little More Practical, Well, Maybe
A Little Problem
A Lot of Work
A May Day Problem
A Midnight Encounter
A Mighty Forest
A Not-So-Mysterious Stranger
A Paisley Problem
A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words
A Plethora of Names
A Possible Misstep
A Pretty Slip (Shot)
A Prize Problem - Well, Kind Of
A Problem for the Advanced Player
A Quiet Scene
A Real Eye-Popper
A Real Fooler
A Real Mind-Boggler
A Real-Life Checker Problem
A Rush of Cold Air
A Shocker
A Short Speedster
A Short Stroke for a Short Month
A Simple Little Fellow
A Single Corner Singe
A Small Slice of Veal
A Startling Reverse
A Summer of Checkers
A Taxing Situation
A Textbook Win
A Thanksgiving Feast
A Tommie Wiswell Saturday Bonus!
A Tricky One
A Winter Saturday at the Beacon Cafe
A Wiswell Doubleheader
Accurate Judgment
Ace in the Hole
Alex Moiseyev, Problem Composer (Part 1 of 2)
Alex Moiseyev, Problem Composer (Part 2 of 2)
All Ahead Full
All But One
All In A Row
All Is Not Lost
Always Read the Fine Print
An Afternoon at Benny's: Newark, 1946
An August Stroke
An Easy Problem
An Easy Stroke
An Exercise in Technique
An Interesting Combination
An Untimed Speed Problem
And The Winner Is ...
Another Easy Stroke
Another Snappy One
Another Two Not So Easy Pieces
April 1, 2017
April Showers
April Speedster
Are You Faster Than the World Champion?
As Easy As Pie
At A Stroke
At the Stroke of Midnight
August Heat
Autumn is Coming On Fast
Avoidance Maneuver
Back to School 2013
Bad Teacher
Ballroom Dancing
Barker's Triangle
Baseball Season: The Horror Of It All
Bastille Day
Bastille Day Fireworks
Be a PAL
Beat the Heat
Beeswax Block Buster
Beginner's Corner
Beginner's Corner: Seeing is Believing
Beginner's Corner: Three Principles
Beginner's Corner: You Have to Actually Win It
Beginner's Jinx
Believe It Or Don't
Better Than First
Better Than First
Birthday Special
Black to Move and Crown
Bowen and Lyman's Double Play
Breaking Even: A Taxing Problem
Brian's Bear Claw Still Unsolved
Brian's Prize Problem
Brian's Twin
Brush Stroke
Bumped Off
Burning the Candle at Both Ends
But Is It Worth Your Job?
But the Computer Says......
Can You Be The Third Person In The World To Solve This?
Can You Escape From The Growling Bear?
Canadian Checker Class
Canadian Nights
Cashing In On The Win
Changing and Exchanging
Chases: Problem Contest 66
Checker Maven Special Edition
Checker Poetry
Checker School: All Kings
Checker School: Coming From Behind, Part 1
Checker School: Coming From Behind, Part 2
Checker School: Coming From Behind, Part 3
Checker School: Cowie's Position
Checker School: Second Session
Checkers in Hawai`i
Clever, Clever
Coffee and Cake
Coffee and Cake at the Beacon
Coffee and Cake, 2016
Complex Interchange
Contest 58: Kingless
Contest 61: Virile Variations
Contest 62: Double Breeches
Contest 69: Kingless Draws
Contest 70: Pawns Beat Kings
Contest 73: High Level Strategies
Contest 74: 16 Pieces
Country Doc
Crime Does Not Pay
Croon in June
Cute and Acute
Cute and Tricky
CV-1 Solution
CV-2: Brian's Bridge
CV-3: Sturges Remembered
CV-4: Donnybrook
CV-5: Brian's 8x8 Mindbender
CV-6: Metamorphosis
Dang Tough
Dead-End Duffers
Deficit Spending
Didactic Value
Different Strokes
Do It Fast but Do It Right
Dog Days of Summer
Don't be a Square
Double Action
Double Barreled Action
Double Crossing
Double Duty
Easing Into The New Year
Easy April
Easy As Pie
Easy Going on a Hot Day
Easy or Hard? It All Depends...
Easy Peasy
Easy Summer's End Problem
Editor's Choice
Ein Feste Burg (A Mighty Fortress)
Elegance and Style
Every Way You Look At It, You Lose
Eyes Only
Fall Blows in Fast
Falling Into Fall
Famous Shots I
Famous Shots IX
Famous Shots V
Farmer Sneed, Ned, and Mr. Hatley
Fast Relief
Faster Than A June Bug
Faster Than a Speeding --- Turtle?
Faster Than Greased Lightning
Faster, Cheaper, Better
Fatal Squeeze
Fifth Reprise: Two Easy Pieces
Fifty Years of Composing
Find Both Solutions
Fine Summer Days
Finishing the Job
For the Love of Thee
Four In A Row
Four Kings
Fourth of July 2020
Fourth of July Celebration
Fourth Of July Race
Fourth of July Special
Friday the 13th
From Corner to Corner
Full Time
Get It Right the First Time
Get Out and Vote
Getting Jumpy
Give A Little, Get A Little
Good Mental Gymnastics
Hammer It Out
Happy Birthday America
Happy Birthday America
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays 2009
Happy Holidays 2010
Happy Holidays 2013
Happy Holidays 2015
Happy Holidays 2016
Happy Holidays 2018
Happy Holidays 2020
Happy Holidays to All
Happy New Year 2010
Happy New Year 2011
Happy New Year 2024
Hard Fall Problem
Hard Problem
Hard? Hardly!
Harder Than You Think
Haste Makes Waste
Have It Your Way
Hefter's Triple Play
Hidden Beauty on a Draughtsboard
Hogan's Heros
Holiday Coffee and Cake
Holiday Magic
Holidays 2012
Holidays 2014
Honoring the Underdog: The Common Man
Hopeless: A Speed Problem
Hopper: A Speed Problem
How Bad Can It Get
How Fast Can You See?
How Fast Can You Win It?
Hurry Back to School
In Like a Lamb
In Like a Lion
In Need of a Spare
In the Grand Manner
In The Heat Of The Summer
In the Woods
Instant Gratification
Introducing Priscilla K. Snelson
Introducing Priscilla K. Snelson (conclusion)
Irish Checkers
Is It Spring Yet?
It's A Trap
It's Easy When You Know How
January Kickoff
January Speed
Josh and Lloyd Compose
Josh's Clever Draw
July Speed Problem
Jumpin' Jehoshaphat
June 18: A Nutty Day in History
June Speed Problem
Just a Little Bit of Difference
Just Ask Your Mom
Labor Day 2011
Labor Day 2014
Labor Day 2015
Labor Day 2017
Labor Day 2018
Labor Day 2019
Labor Day 2020
Labor Day 2021
Labor Day 2022
Labor Day 2023
Labor Day Festivities
Labor Day Race
Labor Day Race, 2009
Labor Day Salute
Le rouge et le noir
Leap Year Day
Life Is Full of Tough Choices
Lightning Stroke
Little Strokes Fell Big Oaks
London Bridge
Look Before You Leap
Make Haste Slowly
Man in the Middle
Man Overboard
Man Up
March Craziness: A Beacon Cafe Story
March Speedsters
Marvin at Summer Training Camp
Marvin Returns to St. Louis
Marvin's New Year's Eve
Marvin's New Year's Eve Exhibition
May Speedster
May Stroke
Maybe Not Quite A Speed Problem
Mayday 2010
Mayday! Mayday!
Medium Problem
Memorial Day 2020
Memorial Day Special
Merry Christmas 2021
Miles To Go
Minority Rules
More Pictures: Problem Composing Contest 68
More Than One Way To Do It
Mr. Hatley in the Library of Congress
Mr. Hefter
Mr. Scissors
Neatly Trapped
New PDN Files Available
New Year Action
New Year's Day 2022
New Year's Edition 2014
New Year's Edition 2015
New Year's Eve 2016
New Year's Eve Spectacular
Nice and Neat
No Problem Is A Problem?
No Winter Slowdown Here
No Work Today: A Midweek Bonus Problem
North Dakota
Not Exactly a Speed Problem
Not Quite So Fast
Not So Fast
Not Too Tough
Novice Lesson
Now We Have a Nice Problem
Oh My Goodness
Oh No!
Oldies But Goodies
On the Banks of the Jordan
Once Again to Knighton
Once More Around the Block
Once More Into The Breeches
One for New Year's Eve
One of Those Things
One Stroke
Our Northern Neighbor
Our Second Anniversary: Let's Have Coffee and Cake!
Perpetual Motion
Pictures At An Exhibition: Problem Composing Contest 67
Playing Hardball
Playing Like A Robot
Position Beats Possession
Presidents' Day
Pretty Complex, But ....
Pretty Tough
Problem Composing Contest 59: Compound Strokes
Problem Composing Contest 63: Mystery Theme
Problem Composing Contest 71: Pitches
Problem Composition Contests Are Back!
Problem Contests Move to Checker Maven
Professor, What's Your Opinion On This?
PS-I or I-PS
Published in 1885
Push 'Em Back
Pushed Into The Corner
Quick As a Bee
Really Easy
Reid's Rocker
Relatively Easy; A Speed Problem
Remarkable, Indeed
Return to The Beacon
Robertson's Tool
Roybn's Fast Shots
Rush Hour
Rustic Charm
Sal Returns To The Beacon Cafe
Saving the Game
School Bells Ring, and Children Sing ...
Secret Hideaway
Seeing Stars
Send in the Marines
Sextuples: Problem Composing Contest 57
Shardlow: Checker Friendy?
Short and Neat
Showdown in Abilene
Showdown in West Texas
Simple Elegance
Sixth Anniversary Edition
Smaller Than Life
So What, and Big Deal
Solution to Brian's Prize Problem
Solution to CV-3: Sturges Remembered
Solution to CV-4: Donnybrook
Solution to CV-5: Mindbender
Solution to CV-6: Metamorphosis
Some Good Exercise
Some Things Don't Work Out
Sorry About That
Sort Of
Spectacular Finale
Speed Department
Speeding Into Beulah
Speeding Into Spring
Speedy Delivery
Speedy, Short Month
Spring Into Spring When This One Springs
Springing Into Spring
St. Maurice
Star Wars
Starting Off The Year
Starting the New Year
State of the Art
Strategic Non-Strokes: Problem Contest 65
Strokes in June
Sturges the Great
Summer Speed
Summer Speeds By
Summer Speedster
Summer's End
Super Easy
Take The Short Road
Thanksgiving 2011
Thanksgiving 2012
Thanksgiving 2014
Thanksgiving 2015
Thanksgiving Edition 2013
Thanksgiving Weekend
Thanksgiving Weekend 2016
Thanksgiving Weekend 2017
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Thanksgiving Weekend 2020
Thanksgiving Weekend 2023
Thanksgiving, 2010
Thanksgiving: Time for Coffee and Cake
The 'Masked Man' Returns for March
The 4-Stroke
The American Checkerist
The Bear Trainer
The Big Dipper
The Bizarre World of Strokes
The Block Game
The Captured Bear
The Challenge of Checker Problems
The Checker Maven: 19th Anniversary
The Checker Murders: Part Five
The Checker Murders: Part Four
The Checker Murders: Part One
The Checker Murders: Part Seven, Conclusion
The Checker Murders: Part Six
The Checker Murders: Part Three
The Checker Murders: Part Two
The Death of Expertise
The Deckhand
The Deep End
The Depths of Winter
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
The Dodger
The Double Steal
The Engineer
The Fastest Ever
The Fastest Month
The Fastest Speedster Ever
The First Move
The First Stroke of Spring
The Four Kings: Kings At Play
The Goose Walk
The Grandmaster Gem --- Solved!
The Holidays Sped By
The Joker
The June Bug
The Lancashire Checker Newsletter
The Last of the Masked Men
The Last Song
The Leaves Fall Quickly
The Leaves Fall Quickly in the Fall
The Little Fooler
The Long Crooked Trail
The Long Pitch
The Long Road Home
The Lost Soul
The Luck of the Draw
The Masked Man is Back in Town
The Masked Man Rides Again
The Merry Month of May
The New Year 2013
The New Year Has Arrived
The New Year is Coming
The New Year Is Coming In
The New Year Rushes In
The Old Checkerist
The Other Benjamin
The Outdoor Life
The People's Journal
The Post-Holiday Blahs
The Search for Speed
The Simple Life
The Single(s) Corner
The Six Move Blitz
The Slowest Speed Problem
The Speed of "May"
The Speed of Winter
The Speed of Winter
The Speed Problem Returns
The Squeeze
The Stumper
The Tax Man
The Teacher Gets an "F"
The Time Machine
The Twelve Move Sack
The Weasel
The Winner Is: The Computer
The Zephyr
Theft! Problem Composing Contest 64
There's More Than One Way To Do It
Thinking It Over
Three by Mac
Three by Three
Three Easy Strokes, Part Three
Three Easy Strokes, Part Two
Three Easy Strokes: Part One
Three Kings
Time Flies
Tina and Joey
Today Is The Day
Tombstones for Tyros
Total Insanity
Trouble In The Old Fourteenth
Two Easy Pieces
Two Easy Pieces, Fourth Installment
Two Easy Pieces: Sixth Edition
Two Final Not-So-Easy Pieces
Two For The Price Of One
Two Little Cuties
Two More Easy Pieces
Two Not-Quite-So-Easy Pieces
Two Parts from Denvir
Two-Fisted Checkers
Uncle Ben's Porch
Uncle Ben's Porch: An Argument with Mom
V for Victory
Valentine's Day Celebration
Warm Up
Wednesday is 'Anything Can Happen Day'
Welcome to Checker School
Welcoming the New Year
What Is A Gem?
What's Your Call?
What's Your Hurry?
What's Your Speed?
White to Move and Draw, Again
White to Move and Draw, Cowboy
Who Was That Masked Man?
Who's Number One?
Will The Real Doogz Please Stand Up?
Willard Who?
William Veal
Winter Break
Winter Speedster
Winter's End
With Deliberate Speed
World Healing Day
X the Unknown
Yet Two More Easy Pieces
Yin and Yang
You Can't Win 'Em All
You Did What?
You'll Get A Kick Out Of This
Young Bill Salot at the Beacon Cafe: Contest #72
Zugzwang! Problem Contest 60
10-Piece Endgame Database Now Available
Marujito: A New Checker Playing Engine
A Winter Stroke
Checker Apps for Android
CheckerBoard 1.64: All We Can Say Is "Wow"!
Checkers Has Been Solved
Checkers: Apps for the iPhone
Double Cross in the Double Cross
GUI Checkers: A Solid Entry
Jump? How High?
KingsRow Continues to Dig
KingsRow Digs Into the Last of the "Lost" 3-Move Ballots
Machine Learning Comes To Kingsrow
Major Update to Program Reviews
New Release of KingsRow
Review of Blondie24
Solution to CV-2: Brian's Bridge
Taking A Break
Thanksgiving Weekend
The Almost Shortest Month
WCC Platinum Programs/Cake Manchester Databases Soon To Be Available