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The Double Steal

As we write this article, the 2005 World Series of baseball has begun, although when you read it, the title may already have been decided. Did the Astros complete their "Double Steal" and go all the way?

Regardless of the answer to that question, though, we invite you to "go all the way" to the solution of today's feature problem, a "double steal" theme by Tom Wiswell. You're sure to have an easier time of it than the Cards had with the Astros!


White to Play and Win

White is a man up, but Black is going to even the score on his next move. Still, there is a way for White to recover the win.

Keep your eye on the ball, work out the answer, and then click on Read More when you've reached home plate in your solving.


11-7 15-22---A 30-25---B 2-11 25-18 4-8 29-25 8-12 25-21 12-16 21-17---C 16-19 20-16 11-20 17-14 White Wins---D.

A---2-11 30-25 15-22 25-18 same as main line.

B---Crowning at once with 7-3 might look nice but it only draws.

C---18-15 looks natural but just draws.

D---White steals the man on 9 and then crowns in time to come back and steal the man currently on 6, e.g. 19-23 14-5 23-27 5-1 6-10 1-6.

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