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In Like a Lion

It is sometimes said that in the Northern Hemisphere, the month of March roars in like a lion with winter storms featuring high winds, snow, and cold temperatures. What a prospect to contemplate! We have a better idea, and so for our top-of-the-month column, we're bringing you a stroke problem that roars like a lion, but has the courtesy to at least do so indoors, where a warm fire and a hot drink are just the right accompaniments.


White to Play and Win


When you have yourself roared through the problem, click on Read More to see the solution.


18-15 9x18 23x14 32x23 15-10 6x15 14-10 21x14 11-8 2x11 13-9 14x7 8-3 5x14 3x10x17x26x19x10---A 11-16 10-15 16-20 15-19 White Wins.

A---The lion roars!

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