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Nice and Neat


Shown above is a hotel room that is quite attractive because it's nice and neat, giving it plenty of appeal. At least based on the photo, you'd most likely be quite willing to stay there for business or vacation.

Checker problems can be nice and neat, too, with solutions that appeal and settings that draw you in. We think the problem below meets these criteria.

White to Play and Win


This problem is "nice" in that it has a very flashy solution which is reasonably well concealed. And the problem is "neat" in that the author's intended solution can be avoided, yet there is still a solid win which demonstrates practical technique.

Are you nice, or neat, or nice and neat? Don't be mean and don't mess it up! Solve the problem and click on Read More to see the solutions.20050904-symbol.gif


30-26 20-24 12-8 24-27 29-25 27-31---A 25-22 18x25 14-9 5x14 8-3 31x22 3x26 White Wins.

A---The computer here avoids the fireworks but Black still loses: 27-32 26-22 18-23 25-21 23-26 22-17 26-31 14-9 5x14 17x3 White Wins.

We hope you'll agree that this was a "neat" problem, and a "nice" one besides.

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