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Springing Into Spring

Spring has come to the northern hemisphere, and our rather impressive long jumper in the photo above is literally springing into spring as the outdoor season arrives. But even with our irrepressible urge to get out of the house and into the fine fresh air, we know you still have a little time to keep up with your game of checkers.

In this week's column we help you do just that, with a nice speed problem that will give you a little practice without keeping you inside for too long. We rank it as "medium" on the difficulty scale and allow you ... one minute. After all, the sunshine and blue skies are calling you!

Click below to show the problem and start the clock, then click on Read More to check your solution.

April Speed Problem (medium; 60 seconds)



White to Play and Win


15-10 14-18 10-15 18-22 13-17 22-25 15-19 16x23 31-26 23x30 17-21 30-26 21x23 29-25 23-26 White Wins.

Perhaps once again a little hard for a speed problem, but entertaining none-the-less.

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