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The Leaves Fall Quickly in the Fall

How fast do the leaves fall in the Fall? It seems like the season is all too brief. There is a short period of spectacular color and then, suddenly, it's over, and in much of North America we're left with nothing but a big raking and cleanup task.

For our October speed problem, we've chosen to mimic the season by presenting a problem which goes by pretty quickly. One minute the clock starts, and then, seemingly in seconds (actually it is in seconds), time is up.

Of course this means that the problem is in the easy category (and we've seen problems like this before), so we'll expect you to solve it in 15 seconds. When you're ready, let your mouse fall on the link below.

October Speed Problem (easy; 15 seconds)

To drop down to the solution, simply flutter over to Read More.



White to Play, What Result?


White wins by a familiar theme; as we mentioned above, we've seen this before.

14-17 22-25 24-19 16x23 31-26 23x30 17-21 30-26 21x23 29-25 23-18 White Wins.

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