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The Speed of Winter

In continental North America, it seems that one day we're at a picnic and the next day we're buried in snow. Winter can come on fast and catch us by surprise; winter seems to have its own chilling speed.

It will be January when this column appears and no doubt there will be more than enough snow to go around in many locales. But wherever you may be, whether snowy and cold or warm and sunny (we highly recommend Hawai`i in January), you're sure to enjoy a checkers speed problem that is easier than most. Click on the link below to display the problem and start the clock. We think you can solve this one in five seconds, so that's all you're going to get! When you've got the answer, click on Read More to verify your solution.

January Speed Problem (Easy, five seconds)



White to Play and Win


31-27 29-25---A 30x21 22-26 21-25 26-31---B 27-23 19x26 25-30 White Wins
A---Anything else loses immediately. Try it!

B---26-30 loses at once to 25-22.

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