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Famous Shots I


At this point in our Checker School series, we're going to present a series of quizzes on famous shots in the game of checkers. We'll show you a diagram of the shot position, and ask you to "name that shot" as well as solve it.

This month we'll start out with a shot that an experienced player will recognize at once, and with which a newer player should become familiar. The run-up is as follows.

11-16 23-18 16-20 24-19 8-11?

Black's last move looks so natural, but it loses; 10-14 or 7-11 would have been fine. Can you demonstrate the White win and give the shot's well-known name?

White to Play and Win


Take your best shot and then shoot your mouse over to Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


19-15 10x19 18-14 9x18 22x8 4x11 27-24 20x27 31x8 White Wins.

This one is the famous "Canalejas" or "Spanish" shot.

Oh, the drink in the picture above? It's the famous "Blue Hawaiian," popular among tourists if somewhat less so among locals.

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