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Lucky 13


For reasons that we won't go into here, the number 13 is considered unlucky by some. Yet, for us, it's always been just the opposite, and in fact, this week The Checker Maven completes 13 years of uninterrupted, no-fail on-time weekly publication. It's a record we're proud of, and we hope to be able to carry on until our projected wrap-up at the 15 year mark.

To celebrate our 13th anniversary, we turn to Richard Fortman's Basic Checkers and explore one aspect of Ballot No. 13: 9-13 23-19 5-9. It's a reasonably balanced ballot, with maybe a little advantage to White.

1. 9-13 23-19
2. 5-9 27-23

(22-18 also a good choice instead of 27-23.)

Black is lucky; there are actually four moves to draw at this point. Mr. Fortman gives 11-15, which is arguably the best, but it isn't the only one. 9-14 or 11-16 or 10-14 instead of 11-15 also draw.

Fortman calls the first two probable White wins but they are all draws, though perhaps rather narrow ones.

For the purpose of today's study, let's consider 11-16 with the likely reply 22-18.

3. 11-16 22-18
Black to Play and Draw


In the book, Mr. Fortman gives 16-20 as Black's next move. This gives White a substantial edge, and though we wouldn't yet call it a White win, Black is going to face a hard time.

What should Black play instead to ensure a draw? Can you sketch out a possible line of play?

We're asking you to match wits with one of the great checker analysts of all time. But it's a great exercise, and, luckily, clicking on Read More will show you the solution.null


Let's follow the KingsRow opening book:

4. 10-14 32-27
5. 6-10 24-20
6. 1-5 20x11
7. 8x24 28x19
8. 7-11 25-22
9. 3-8 30-25
10. 11-15 18x11
11. 8x24 27x20
12. 4-8

and nothing is going to prevent a draw.

If you didn't get this, don't feel bad. This is more than a bit subtle but it shows off the depth and beauty of our game. It's what, at Checker Maven, we've endeavored to do for the past 13 years: bring you something about checkers each and every week and keep the greatness of the game in the public eye. We hope we've succeeded, at least a little.

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