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A Possible Misstep


Snow can still come in April in many parts of North America, and if it does, you had best be careful and not suffer the type of mishap that of the unfortunate lady above.

This month's speed problem doesn't have a time limit and doesn't use the Javascript clock. Now, it's not a particularly hard problem, it's just that ... well, there's a way to misstep and slip, even if it doesn't involve snow and ice, and then things get a little more complicated.

Perhaps it's simplest to show you the diagram and let you find out for yourself.

Black to Play and Win


Watch your step, and solve this step by step. The next step? Clicking on Read More to check your solution.null


12-16 19x12 6-9---A 13x6 1x26 30x23 21x30 Black Wins.

A---Avoid the misstep of 7-10 14-7 3-26 12-3 6-9---B 13-6 1-10 30-23 21-30 Drawn.

B---3-7 3-7 31x24 28x19 5-9 19-15 1-5 25-22 17x26 30x23 9-14 7-10 White Wins.

Problem setting contribution by regular Checker Maven correspondents Lloyd and Josh Gordon of Toronto.

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