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Medium Problem


No, we don't mean that kind of "medium" and we don't expect you to divine the solution to today's checker problem; rather, we consider it "medium" in difficulty. It's a nice setting sent to us by Toronto's intrepid checkerists, Lloyd and Josh Gordon.

Black to Play and Draw


The stars tell us you'll be able to solve this one, as long as you keep your thinking channels open. It won't take a seance, though, to check your solution; all you need do is wave your mouse on Read More to see how it's done.null


27-31 19x26 3-8---A 32-28 8-12 28-24 31-27 24-19---B 27-23 19-15 23-18 Drawn.

A---3-7 also leads to a draw: 3-7 32-28 7-11 28-24 31-27 24-20 27-31 26-23 31-26 Drawn. This is the "pocket" formation that we presented in an earlier column, as it might arise in actual over the board competition.

B---24-20 27-31 26-23 31-26 Drawn, again in the "pocket" formation.

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