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Complete Checkers: Repertoire


It's here! Grandmaster Richard Pask's long-awaited Complete Checkers: Repertoire is available in a free electronic edition and an inexpensive print volume. The content has been developed, refined, tested and verified by Mr. Pask over a period spanning some forty years. A year in production, the book is at last ready for general release.

CC:R, as we also call it, is the master-level companion volume to Complete Checkers: Insights, published just about a year ago. Together the two books take the aspiring and ambitious player, willing to put in the necessary time and practice, from utter novice to accomplished master. And even if you are not looking to become the next champion, the books provide nearly endless checker entertainment and education, and are bound to raise your level of play and enjoyment.

The new book checks in at 478 large-size double column pages. It's a rewrite and expansion of Complete Checkers: 3rd Edition and contains thousands of additions and improvements.

You can get your free electronic copy here or from the Richard Pask page linked in the column to the right. The print book can be obtained from Amazon in the US or from its other worldwide outlets. We hope that, if you find the book useful and it's within your means, you'll support the project by buying a print copy, which is priced only at a level to eventually recoup our direct costs.

We thank Mr. Pask for his generosity in providing this capstone work without charge to the checker playing public, and for his trust in us by allowing us to edit and publish his incredible books.

Here, as a bit of a teaser, is something from the book. It's from the 10-15 22-17 9-13 ballot, arising from a game played between D. Zevenia and R. Cornell in 1964.

White to Play and Win


This isn't all that difficult--- if you can see it, that is. It's positively amazing. Give it a try and then click on Read More to see the solution and run-up. And definitely get hold of Mr. Pask's new book!20050904-symbol.gif


26-22 10-15 22-17! 14x21 27-24

White Wins. Black loses two men no matter what. Brilliant! You'll find the complete writeup with commentary and variations in the book on page 213. For the sake of completeness, here's the run-up to the problem position.

1. 10-15 22-17
2. 9-13 17-14
3. 11-16 21-17
4. 13x22 25x11
5. 8x15 24-19
6. 15x24 27x11
7. 7x16 23-18
8. 4-8 29-25
9. 8-11 28-24
10. 2-7 24-20
11. 6-10 25-21
12. 10x17 21x14
13. 7-10 14x7
14. 3x10 32-27
15. 5-9 26-23
16. 1-5 31-26
17. 9-14? ...

9-13 draws.

17. ... 18x9
18. 5x14 ...

See diagram.

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