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"Sort of" is a common two-word phrase in English. We're "sort of" tired or hungry. We "sort of" need to do homework, laundry, yard work, etc. And the best example of all: We're "sort of" interested in doing something or going somewhere.

We hope that all of us are more than "sort of" interested in checkers, though; and if we are, you'll find this "sort of" speed problem (pun intended), provided by regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon, to be a good one.

White to Play and Draw


Why is this a "sort of" speed problem? The initial sequence is easy to find, but the follow-up play is a bit more complex, though certainly below the expert range. So don't "sort of" solve it; do it all the way, after which clicking on Read More will more than "sort of" show you the solution and explanatory notes.null


27-23*---A 20x27 14-10 7x14 18x2 11x18 23x14---B 27-31 14-10 31-27 10-7!---C 3x10 19-16 10-15---D 16-12 8-11 2-7---E 11-16 7-11 15-19 11x20 27-23 12-8---F to a draw.

A---Other tries don't work:

15-10 6x15 19x10 11-16 18-15 7-11 Black Wins.

19-16 22-26 30x23 8-12 15x8 12x26 Black Wins.

B---It's a database draw, but there is some play left in the position.

C---Cleverly breaking up the bridge.

D---8-12 2-6 White Wins.

E---To now win back the man.

F---20-24 13. 22-26 24x15 14. 23-27 30x23 15. 27x11 Black Wins.

Thanks again to Lloyd and Josh for sending this along to us.

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