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Sometimes we feel like we've reached the end of our rope and there is just no hope and nothing can be done any longer. It happens to us all at times, and then we need to draw on whatever internal and external resources we have at hand, and try to pull ourselves back up.

Consider our heroine above, who wishes things could have begun differently, and presumably led to a different outcome. Surely, she must have been referring to a game of checkers in which she misplayed a difficult 3-move ballot. Well, cheer up, young lady, you can always play another game and improve on your results.

This week's problem selection certainly belongs to the seemingly "hopeless" category. Consider the position below.


White to Play and Draw


White is down a man and looks to be in rather bad shape. Is it truly hopeless? Should White just throw in the towel and resign?

This problem is an object lesson in the wisdom of the old adage, "Never give up hope." In fact, White can get a draw if he maintains his courage and composure. Can you find the right moves? Hope springs eternal! When you're satisfied with your answer, click on Read More to see the solution.


There are minor variations possible but the solution calculated by KIngsRow is as follows:

7-2 9-14 2-6 14-18 6-10 18-23 10-14 23-27 24-19 27-31 19-15 31-27 12-8!---A 4x18 14x32 5-9 32-27 9-14 27-24 14-18---B 24-19 Drawn.

A---The night is darkest before the dawn. White gives up another man but gets it right back and saves the game.

B---14-17 24-20 17-21 20-16 Drawn.

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