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All In A Row

We've chosen our title for today's very interesting problem from its appearance on the checkerboard, with three columns of pieces all in a nice tidy row.


White to Play and Draw


This turns out to be another one of those studies with a lot of options to look at. But there is only one move to draw for White. Can you find it, and demonstrate a draw against any of several possible Black replies? Can you show how other first moves lose for White? This is a position that is full of surprises and exciting checker action. Get your ducks in a row, solve the problem, and then click on Read More for the solution and complete analysis.


13-9!---E 26-22---A,B,C 9-6 22x13 19-16 2x9 11-7 12x19 7x16 Drawn.

A---If 18-22 then 17-13 10-14 11-15 26-31 9-6 2x9 13x6 31x24 15-10 24x15 10x26 Drawn.

B---If 26-23 then 11-15 23x16 15x22 16-11 9-5 etc. Drawn.

C---If 26-31 then 19-16! 31x24---D 28x19 10-15 19x10 12x19 Drawn.

D---12-19 actually loses here after 11-16 31x24 16x7 2x11 28x19 White Wins.

E---Other moves simply don't work, for instance 11-15 is a blunder and loses at once to 25-31 15-22 31-15. Another losing try is 28-24 26-22 11-8 10-14 17x10 18-23 27x18 22x6 8-11 20x27 Black Wins.

Analysis is by Ed Gilbert's King's Row with the 10-piece endgame database.

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