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A Bit Too Advanced

Sartre's L'Être et le Néant is a bit too advanced for most folks, let alone for the reader pictured above. We feel that there is an apt analogy to some stroke problems, which seem every bit as complex as the French philosopher's famous work on l'ontologie phénoménologique. This month's selection certainly can be described as complex; or again, making further reference to the existentialist canon, perhaps incomprehensible.

Fortunately, you can try out our problem without need for a French to English translation.


White to Play and Win


Can you find the answer, or does it all come to nothing? We posit, however, that a solution indeed exists, and that it can be definitively determined by clicking on Read More.


24-19 15x24 9-6 1x10 14-9 5x14 18x9 27x18 22x6 13x29 30-25 29x22 21-17 22x13 6-1 13x6 1x28 White Wins.

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