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Relatively Easy; A Speed Problem


What's easy for some isn't quite so easy for others. The math above is quite simple if you happen to be a Ph.D. mathematician. If you struggle with high school algebra, you may not find it all that easy.

Regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon sent us a checker problem which illustrates this concept rather well. Take a look at the diagram below.

Black to Play and Win


Is this problem easy? For a player with a little experience, it's pretty straightforward. For a novice, it might be harder and take a little more effort. While we're calling it a "speed problem" we won't specify a time limit. Solve it as quickly as you can.

What's easy for anyone, though, is clicking on Read More to see the solution.


18-14 11-7 14-9 7-2---A 3-8 Black wins. White loses at least one piece.

A---7-11 3-8! 11x4 9-14 4-8 14x7 Black wins, as White loses another piece.

We thought this one to be a nice little moment of checker fun. Our thanks to Lloyd and Josh as always.

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