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Yes, that's a Gibson Les Paul guitar, made by the Gibson company. The famous guitar manufacturer was founded by one Orville Gibson in 1902, and revolutionized guitar design with an arch-top model, based on the design of the violin.

Our current Checker School series is featuring "snappy" problems by G. M. Gibson. We don't know anything about this gentleman; was he a contemporary of Orville, or a relative or descendant? Did Orville play checkers himself?

These questions will remain unanswered for the moment. But we're happy to present another of Mr. Gibson's "snappy" (or should we, to accord with our metaphor, call it "twangy"?) problems.



Forces are even, although Black, with centralized kings, may have more mobility. Can you snap out a win from this one? Pick away at it and then strum your mouse on Read More to see the solution.null


4-8 7-11---A 14-18 11x4 15-11---B 25-21 18-22 4-8---C 11x4 20-16 4-8 Black Wins.

A---Black allows the breeches, but nothing is free. If White attempts to avoid the main line he will still lose:

20-16 8-12 wins a man for Black.

25-22 28-12 7-3 14-18 22-26 15-11 and Black wins with the move. Similar play arises from 25-21 or 25-30. Or 7-2 14-10 25-22 8-12 also similar.

B---One holds two!

C---20-16 similar. Black gets back the man and has the move.

We certainly weren't stringing you along on this one; it's a real pleaser.

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