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Famous Shots IX


Our Checker School series of Famous Shots concludes this month, and as in previous entries, we ask you to solve the shot, name the shot, and, if you wish, name the "shot" in the photo above. During the past eight months we've taken a tour of the checker "big shots"; these are positions that every learner must master and every master must know.

Here's the finale, with the full run-up. Once again the game is not especially well played, but the ending is great.

11-15 23-18 8-11 27-23 4-8 23-19 10-14 19x10 14x23 26x19 7x14 19-15 11x18 22x15 14-18 21-17---A 12-16 24-20 16-19 20-16 2-7 17-13---B 9-14---C 31-26 5-9 25-21---D 18-23---E 29-25---F 14-18---G 21-17---H 7-11---I 16x7 3x10 (see diagram)

A---24-19 is probably better, although deep computer analysis doesn't shown a Black advantage.

B---Ouch. 25-22 was best. This move might actually lose for White.

C---19-23 was better.

D---Loses; 16-12 was better.

E---7-11 would have won. This return blunder is only good for a draw.

F---Loses again! 16-12 was fine.

G---Gives the draw back again! 7-11 wins.

H---Doesn't lose but gives Black a real edge. White just doesn't seem to want to play 16-12.

I---8-12 was best. The game now unravels for Black.

White to Play and Win


This one isn't too difficult, at least as far as these things go, so shoot it down and then click on Read More to check your answer.20050904-symbol.gif


This is known as the Jaques:

15-11 8x15 17-14 10x17 28-24 19x28 26x10 6x15 13x6 1x10 25-22 18x25---J 30x7 White Wins---K

J---White wins either way.

K---White wins on the move as the 28/32 double corner is blocked and provides no refuge for Black: 15-18 7-3 18-23 3-7 23-26 7-10 26-30 10-15 30-26 15-18 etc.

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