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Hogan's Heros


Hogan's Heros was an American television program that ran from 1965 through 1971. It was pretty popular in its time, although today's politically correct, looking-to-be-offended crowd would find it unacceptable.

But there was a different and earlier Hogan, namely E. W. Hogan of Emo, Ontario, who is a hero to us in a checker sort of way. Some time in the latter part of the 1930s he published a problem that to this day is a bit resistant to computer solution. Take a look at the diagram below.

White to Play and Win


Yes, the KingsRow computer engine found the solution ... but it did have to think about it for a few seconds (normally KingsRow solves positions virtually instantaneously).

So we think you'll find it to be an interesting challenge. Don't worry about being politically correct; become one of E. W. Hogan's heros and try to solve it. When you're ready, click on Read More to see the solution.null


Besides being computer-resistant, this one is a real mind-boggler.

10-6 1x10 31-27 22x31 27-24 20x27 19-24 28x26 5-1 12x19 11-8 4x11 18-15 11x18 1-5 2x11 5x14x21x30x23x14x7x16x23x32---A and White Wins with the move.

A---Note the order of the jumps; it's possible to get this wrong and miss the win.

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