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Alex Moiseyev, Problem Composer (Part 1 of 2)

Alex Moiseyev

We recently presented an interview with a great modern champion, Alex Moiseyev, in which we talked about his life and playing career. But we didn't cover a lesser-known fact about Alex: that he is also a problem composer. In fact, he holds the title of Grandmaster in the composition of 10x10 problems for International Checkers.

Indeed, most of his compositions have been for the International and Russian games, but he has composed a few for English checkers. This month we'll show you one of them, and next month we'll challenge you with an even tougher position.

Alex's first problem is at an advanced level though not at grandmaster levels.

White to Play and Win


You should be able to solve this one if you give it sufficient thought and time. No need to be a Grandmaster! See how you do and then click on Read More to see the solution and notes.null


Solution and notes are by Alex Moiseyev. The symbol "+" here indicates a White win and "=" indicates a draw.

7-11---Z , 27-31---A, 32-28, 31-27, 11-15, 27-24, 16-20, 23-27, 15-11, 27-32---B, 20x27, 32x23, 11-16+.

A ---27-24, 16-20, 24-27, 11-15, 19-24, 15-19, 23x16, 32x23+.

B---27-31, 20x27, 31x24, 11-16+.

Z---7-10? 19-24---Y, 32-28, 23-18, 28x19, 18-15=

Y---27-24? 16-20, 23-26, 20x27, 26-31, 10-15, 31x24, 32-27, 24x31, 15x24+

Thanks go to Alex for this problem composition and to Brian Hinkle for arranging to have it published in The Checker Maven.

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