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21st Century Checkers Volume 3


We're pleased and honored to present Volume 3 of Richard Pask's 21st Century Checkers series, on the 10-14s. Running well over 100 pages, this is sure to become the definitive modern reference. You can download the book in PDF format here.

As is the case with the first two volumes, the book makes extensive use of color, and if you desire a hard copy we recommend that you use a color printer loaded with plenty of paper and fresh ink cartridges. You can also send the PDF to a commercial printing service for professional printing and binding, though that will not be inexpensive.

Here's a "teaser" from the book.

Black to Play and Draw


This is, obviously, at the expert level (or above!) but you should nevertheless give it a try and see what you can make of it. The solution is found on page 55 of Mr. Pask's new book.

We thank Mr. Pask for the privilege of presenting his work to the world-wide checker-playing community.20050904-symbol.gif

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