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Solution to CV-5: Mindbender

White to Play and Win


1. ... 5-9---A 2. 14-18 12-8---B 3. 3x12 28-24 4. 20x27 21-17 5. 13x29 11-8 6. 6x13 19-23 7. 12x19 23x7 8. 2x11 8x22 White Wins---C

A---A star move and the only one to win. Seven other moves merely draw.

B---The order of moves is critical; if 1. ... 12-8 2. 3x12 5-9 now 3. 14-18 loses but 3. 26-30 draws (KingsRow).

C---Tom Wiswell called this one-holds-two formation the "Spread Eagle": 13-17 22-13 29-25 13-17 or 29-25 22-29 13-17 29-25 17-21 25-30, White Wins.

Composer Brian Hinkle says that this is one of his best problems. That's really saying something, as Brian has composed countless world-class checker problems. He also tells us this one was partially inspired by Ed Atkinson's "Jack in the Box" theme, in which a king becomes surrounded by four opposing pieces, as seen in our 15th Anniversary problem.

Thank you, Brian, for sending this one to us.null

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