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An Easy Stroke

We're not golfers ourselves, but we'll wager that even for less experienced players, the stroke above would be a pretty easy one and rather hard to miss. Still, we're glad that we're not the ones who have to play it!

In the same spirit, this week's column brings you a stroke problem that is rated as quite easy by its author, and indeed, it doesn't have the decidedly scary look of many another stroke problem.


White to Play and Win


Now, we can't put this one off with the claim that we don't play checkers, and it would be unseemly to say "better you than us" in this case. In truth, the problem isn't half as hard as you might think, and we did try it out and solved it quickly enough. We've not set this one up as a speed problem, but time yourself and see if you can solve it in 15 seconds or less; then click on Read More to verify your solution.

Remember, a gentle tap will do it ...


11-7 24-15 30-26 23-30 7-2 30-14 2-20 White Wins.

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