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A Trap With A Tale 1


We can bet that this woman has a pretty interesting tale to tell about installing a sink trap. It can be a messy job and a lot of things can go wrong. But it appears she's found a solution in the form of long-lasting plastic components.

Which, of course, brings us to our subject: finding a solution, not for drain problems, thank goodness, but for equally perplexing checkerboard conundrums.

Today we're continuing with our presentation of material from Willie Ryan's fascinating Tricks Traps & Shots of the Checkerboard with the first part of something Willie calls A Trap With a Tale. We know you'll find it interesting, as we've discovered some unique things about this study. We'll give the runup without Willie's notes; those will come in later columns, but for now we want to cut to the chase.

1. 11-16 24-19
2. 8-11 22-18
3. 16-20 25-22
4. 9-13 29-25
5. 11-15 18-11
6. 7-16 22-18
Black to Play, What Result?


This one is not so easy and correct play requires what was once called "sticktoitiveness." Can you tell this tale or will you remain trapped in erroneous play? Patience is the watchword. When you're ready, clicking on Read More will indeed tell the tale in the correct manner.20050904-symbol.gif


The position is a Black win, if Black is willing to wait it out and make careful, well-timed moves.

7. 20-24 27x11
8. 10-15 19x10
9. 6x29 28-24
10. 29-25 32-27
11. 1-6 24-20
12. 25-29 27-24
13. 29-25 24-19
14. 6-9

Note that Black has made a number of waiting moves. While a single waiting move is common, multiple waiting moves are less common on the winning side. But it all has a point.

14. ... 19-16
15. 12x19 23x16
16. 9-14 16-12
17. 13-17 26-23
18. 25-22 30-26
19. 22-25 23-19
20. 25-30 26-23
21. 17-22 31-27
22. 30-26 27-24
23. 22-25 20-16
24. 25-30

White is just about finished. Black's waiting strategy and subsequent moves allowed White to simply run out of safe options.

24. ... 24-20
25. 30-25

Black wins. White must now start losing pieces.

An excellent example of a measured, patient approach carrying the day.

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