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Different Strokes

Normally, on the first Saturday of the month we present one or more "speed" problems, in which you get to race against our unforgiving Javascript clock. We're going to break the routine this month, and from time to time in the future, to present a "stroke" problem instead.

Our large and varied readership, predictably, has large and varied tastes. Some people love speed problems, while others don't; and the same is true of stroke problems, hard problems and easy problems, and on and on.

Presenting variety, and something for everyone at least from time to time, are our goals in presenting our weekly column. So, let's mix things up with a stroke problem that is without any doubt on the easier side.... after all, it's the beginning of March, and in the U.S. at least we'd best be thinking about working on income tax returns.... we do need a bit of a break from time to time.


White to Play and Win


By all means, don't stroke out if you can't find the solution! Instead, click on Read More for instant relief.


24-19 15-24 23-18 30-23 18-15 11-18 4-27 23-32 14-23 White Wins.

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