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The Slowest Speed Problem


We thought for a while before declaring today's offering a "speed problem." It's probably the "slowest" speed problem we've published to date, and the proposed solution time of 45 seconds reflects our view of its difficulty.

Now, some of you will undoubtedly see it right away and solve it in just a few seconds. But we think that for most players, a little thought will be necessary.

Click below to display the problem and start the clock.

March Speed Problem (45 seconds, difficult)

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Black to Play and Win


24-19 17-14---A 22-18 14-9---B,C 19-15 11-16 18-14 9-5---D 14-9 13x6 15-11 16x7 3x1 Black Wins

A---White has no other move.

B---14-10 19-15 Black wins.

C---13-9 19-15 11-16 15-11 16-7 3-17 Black Wins.

D---9-6 15-11 16-7 3-1 Black Wins.

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