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Summer Speeds By


Someone once said that when the 4th of July comes along, summer is half over. That might be a bit pessimistic, but when the calendar turns to August, we know for sure that we're on the back side of the season.

Where did it go so quickly? Are we really ready for the back to school push and the inevitable turning of the leaves?

At our Checker Maven offices here in Hawai`i, of course, we don't worry so much about the leaves or colder weather, but school does start up again in a mere two days from the date of this column.

So today's offering is, fittingly, a speed problem. It's really pretty easy as these things go, so we think ten seconds is about the right solution time. When you're ready, click on the link below. When you're done--- it won't take long--- come back and click on Read More to check your solution.

August Speed Problem (easy; 10 seconds)



White to Play and Win


19-15 10-19 23-16 12-19 32-16 White Wins.

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