The Checker Maven

The Deep End


We're definitely diving into the deep end with this month's mind-boggling stroke problem. You'll really need to keep your wits about you to solve this one.

White to Play and Win


Can you solve it without moving the pieces? It's an enormous test of visualization skills. And though it's hardly a practical over the board situation, we think this sort of problem builds your ability to see ahead and calculate (and do go ahead and move the pieces if it's all just a bit too deep).

Don't go off the deep end yourself; try it out and then click on Read More to dive into the solution.null


19-16 28x12 14-9 7x14 15-11 1x10 11-7 13x6 18x2 25x18 23x14 10x17 20-16 3x10---A 2-6 12x19 6x13 White Wins.

A---Order of jumps doesn't matter.

Wow. If you solved that one in your head, you are really good!

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