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Star Wars


(Editor's Note: The next installment of The Lindyville Checker Club serial will be delayed until January 9 so that we may accommodate today's special column.)

This week the release of the seventh film in the immortal Star Wars saga is big news. Star Wars promotions and features are everywhere, and The Checker Maven is joining in with our own entry.

In checkers a star move is the only move possible in a given situation to obtain a win or a draw, as the case may be. In today's problem, Black can get a draw only by making five consecutive "star" moves. Star Wars indeed!

Black to Play and Draw


Black has a tough position, but the force is with him and if he navigates the "star" wars he can obtain a draw.

Is the force with you? Can you "force" a draw by solving the "star" wars? "Do. Or do not. There is no 'try'"--- Jedi Master Yoda.

When you're ready, force your mouse onto Read More to try out the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


We won't explain why each alternative to the starred move loses; you can work that out on your own or with your computer.

1. 9-13* 1-6
2. 21-25* 23-18
3. 13-17* 6-10
4. 17-21* 18-23

Necessary to avoid the exchange and an immediate draw.

5. 25-22*Drawn.

The Black man on 21 gets through and there is no winning strategy for White. For instance: 10-15 21-25 15-19 25-30 19-15 22-26 23-18 etc. and White makes no progress. The force is indeed with Black.

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