The Checker Maven

The Squeeze

We haven't published one of W. T. Call's delightful miniatures in quite some time, so this week we provide a long overdue selection. Miniatures provide much more of a challenge than their simple settings imply; they are as much a test of visualization skills in their own way as stroke problems are in another way.

The little problem that follows relies, as you might guess from our title, on a "squeeze" theme. You'll see what that means when you've solved the problem.


Black to Play and Win


See if you can squeeze out the solution, and when you've extracted it, press Read More to check your answer.


7-10 26-23 10-15 31-26 3-7 26-22 7-10 23-18 15-11 22-17 11-16 17-13 16-11 Black wins.

Problemist W. T. Call refers to the process as "wins without the move by squeezing."

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