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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

We have to admit that last month's Fausto Dalumi problem was well into the "difficult" category. So this month, we'll feature a problem that is a little less strenuous. It was originally published under the theme "The Devil and the Deep" and we think you'll see why when you arrive at the solution.


White to Play and Win


We don't think this problem will sink you, but if you find yourself bedeviled, just click on Read More and the solution will surface.


27-23 3-7 4-8 7-11---A 15-10 6-15 23-18! 15-22---B 8-15 White Wins.

A---Seemingly regaining material equality, but destined to still lose. If Black avoids this continuation with 7-10 then 23-19 10-14 15-11 14-10 8-3 etc. is merely a typical three against two win for White.

B---Trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea! Either jump loses as White's return jump wins on "the move."

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