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Thanksgiving 2014


We say it year after year, and we'll say it again. We love the Thanksgiving holiday, with its American spirit, its interdenominational theme, and its emphasis on family, gratitude, and peaceful celebration. We hope your Thanksgiving will be filled with happiness and become the source of great memories for the years ahead.

We won't break our habit of turning to great American problemist Tom Wiswell for our Thanksgiving week problem, either. Mr. Wiswell, in addition to being a great checkerist and problem composer, epitomized the best of what makes America what it is.

Mr. Wiswell called this problem "All's well that ends well" and that seems most fitting.

White to Play and Draw


Solve Mr. Wiswell's intriguing problem, then treat yourself to our usual Thanksgiving recommendation: a little more of that delicious pumpkin pie.20050904-symbol.gif


23-19 17-22 26x17 13x22 27-24---A 2-7 24-20 7-11 31-27---B 22-26 19-16!---C 12x19 27-23 19-24 29-25 10x19 23x7 Drawn---D

A---It should be clear enough, but a hasty 27-23 would lose.

B---Mr. Wiswell comments, "A desperate situation calls for desperate measures."

C---A startling move.

D---8-12 7-2 6-9 etc.

And now, don't forget that special Thanksgiving treat.


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