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As Easy As Pie


We've often said that we present a range of problems in our Checker Maven columns; sometimes they're grandmaster tough, sometimes beginner easy, but most are usually somewhere in-between. We have readers with a very wide range of skills, and we try to provide something for everyone. We suggest the following: when you find a problem is tough, study the solution with a view to learning technique; when it seems easy, try for rapid sight recognition.

Today, though, we've got a truly easy-as-pie problem that even many early-stage checkerists will solve right away. See how quickly you can spot the solution!

Black to Play and Win


By the time you read this line, you've probably already solved it, but just in case, you can ease over to Read More to check your answer.20050904-symbol.gif


3-8 12x3 1-5 3x10 5x7 Black Wins.

Easy enough? We suggest you don't bet your friends coffee and pie that they can't win it.


But what if you missed it yourself? Should you feel bad? Of course not. Take a close look at the mechanism (the in and out shot combined with a slip) and see if you can recognize it in the future. All of us, at any stage of our checker development, have more to learn.

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