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We are delighted to have, over the years, corresponded with readers from all over the world. The only place we haven't heard from is the Antarctic ... but we hope to hear from there someday, too.

Recently, one of our "checker friends"--- this gentleman is in Spain--- sent us a PDN file for W. T. Call's Midget Problems. You can download this file from the PDN page as linked in the right-hand column.

Mr. Call produced a number of books, not just on checkers, but Midget Problems is one of the best for the aspiring student of the art and science of checkers. Featuring small 2x2 settings, the book is a virtual classroom on this type of endgame.

Here's an example taken from the book.

Black to Play and Win


We know that miniatures are not everyone's cup of tea, but it's undeniable that a thorough knowledge of these positions is essential to checker mastery. So try this one out and then download the PDN file. It will serve you well.

When you're ready, click on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


You probably recognized this problem as a variant on First Position.

20-16 21-17 18-22 26-23 22-25 17-13 25-30 23-18 30-26 18-14 26-23 14-9 23-18 9-5 16-11 5-1 18-14 1-6 11-15 6-1 15-10 1-5 10-6 5-1 14-10 1-5 6-1 13-9 10-14 9-6 1x10 Black Wins.

Many variants are possible but the ideas remain the same. You can explore further with your computer.

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