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Thanksgiving Weekend


We say it every year: Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. It's typically American (and, of course, Canadian), it's relevant to every belief and creed, and it unites us all in giving thanks for the many blessings we have. No matter our station in life, we can all find something to be thankful for.

We like to turn to the great American checkerist and problemist Tom Wiswell for holidays such as these, and what better than a problem, arising from an actual game, that Mr. Wiswell called Dixie.

Mr. Wiswell noted, "We met with the well-known O. J. Tanner, who got us into the following predicament."

White to Play and Draw


White may be a piece up but his options are severely limited by the two Black kings. Can you find your way out of this one? Make yourself a hot turkey sandwich (with mashed potatoes and gravy, of course) as you contemplate this one, and then--- when you've finished the sandwich and come up with a solution--- click on Read More to check your answer.




18-15 26x17 21x14 30x21 14-9 21-17 9-5 2-7 5-1 17-22---A 1-6 22-18 12-8 18x11 8-3---B 7-10---C 6x8 4x11 Drawn.

A---17-14 15-10 Drawn.

B---Left here by Mr. Wiswell as a draw with the remark, "close call."

C---Or 11-16 also to a draw. But 4-8 loses to 3-12 11-15 12-16 etc.

Did you like this one? How about some pumpkin pie and coffee as an after-problem treat!

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