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The Deckhand


The deckhand in the photo above appears to be contemplating some sort of difficult shipboard task, and she doesn't appear too anxious to get about her business. Can't say that we blame her; some pretty heavy work happens on a commercial sailing vessel.

We're sure, though, that you won't have similar reluctance in tackling today's checker problem, which was composed by Chris Nelson, who used the nom-de-plume of "The Deckhand." We don't know why Mr. Nelson, who was a denizen of Brooklyn, chose this pseudonym. Perhaps he was a spare-time sailor. But we can say for sure that he was a fine checker problem composer, as the offering below will handily demonstrate.

White to Play and Win


Get on board and solve this problem. It may not be as hard as shipboard labor, but it presents a nice little challenge. Then sail your mouse over to Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


6-9*---A 30-26---B 32-28 26-31---C 9-14 18-23 10-15 White Wins---D.

A---Other moves just draw or even lose. The natural looking 24-20 only earns a draw, and a blunder such as 10-14? gives the game to Black afer 22-26.

B---Other Black moves are no better.

C---16-20? 9-14! White Wins.

D---What can Black do here?

A neat win for White and a very neat problem. Sail on, Mr. Nelson!


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