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The Luck of the Draw


There are games of skill, games of luck, and games that combine the two. In the game of checkers, luck plays a small role: you might catch your opponent on a bad day, or in a Swiss system tournament, maybe you'll get an easier match-up than another player with the same score. But that's about it.

The following problem was first published in 1929, and from the looks of it, perhaps you need to get lucky to find the solution. It's by Fausto Dalumi, an Italian who like so many others came to live and work in the United States. Mr. Dalumi earned a well-deserved reputation as a composer of elegant and challenging checker problems.

White to Play and Draw


Feeling lucky? We think you'll need more skill than luck to find the solution, but the problem is a dandy. Give it your best and then click on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


Mr. Dalumi noted correctly that all White moves are star moves.

22-18 23-27 18-23 27-32 24-20 9-14---A 20x11 14-10 23-19 32-27 19-16 27-24 16-12 24-19 12-8 10-7 8-12 7x16 2-7 16-20 12-8 4x11 7x23 Drawn.

A---The computer gives a very interesting alternative drawing line here: 32-27 23x32 16-19 20-16 (32-27 also draws) 9-14 16-12 (again 32-27 also draws) 19-24 2-7 24-28 12-8 4x11 7x16 to a draw.

White walked a very narrow line in obtaining this draw.

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