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Labor Day 2020


Labor Day is another of those holidays that we, as Americans, enjoy celebrating. It's a great opportunity to honor the contributions of the vast numbers of hard-working members of our society who form the backbone of our nation. From CEO to technology professional to trucker to gardener, and all the many and varied other occupations, each and every one of you is important and deserves respect and recognition.

But in these Covid-19 days, many have fallen on difficult times as jobs have disappeared, businesses have closed, and there is more than enough hardship and grief to go around. We can only wish for a recovery that is as speedy as possible given the seriousness of the situation. We look forward to a future Labor Day when we all have reason to celebrate in happiness and prosperity.

We once again turn to Tom Wiswell, an American who lived through difficult days, too: the dark days of World War II. Mr. Wiswell used checkers as a means of helping to keep up our spirits, and we can use a little of the same today. He called the following problem "Imagination" saying that he could not imagine a good player without imagination.

White to Play and Draw


Mr. Wiswell says that "ordinary methods" won't do here, so indeed use your imagination to labor away, and when you're ready, click your mouse on the (non-imaginary) Read More button to see the solution.null


Lettered notes are by Tom Wiswell. Numbered notes are by your Editor, using the KingsRow computer engine.

16-11 18-22---1 26x17 13x22 9-6---2 1x10 11-7 3-8---A 7-3 8-12---3 3-7 10-15---B 30-25---4 15-18---C 7-10 22-26 10-14---5 29x22 14x30 Drawn.

A---If 10-15 or 10-14 then 30-25 will draw.

B---10-14 7-10 14-18 30-25 same.

C---If 22-26, 7-11 drawn.

1---Certainly not 13-17? 26-22.

2---30-25 loses. Also note that 9-6 loses if played prior to the exchange.

3---Not 8-11 3-7.

4---7-10 or 7-11 lose.

5---A hasty 10-15 loses.

Imaginative, indeed! A problem full of creative star moves. We hope you enjoyed it.


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