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Easy or Hard? It All Depends...

Is this month's stroke problem an easy one, a hard one, or something in-between?

We guess it all depends: on your mood or degree of alertness on any given day; on your overall checker skill; on your ability to visualize complex situations; or on a whole host of other possible factors, including, sometimes, just taking a lucky guess.

So we won't presume to judge. We'll let you make the call.


White to Play and Win


How did you do? Easy or hard? Well, one thing we know is easy: that's clicking on Read More to check your solution.


7-10 14x7 18-14 9x18 2x9 13x6 11x9 20x11 23x14 11x18 19-16 12x19 26-23 19x26 9-5 18x9 5x32 White Wins.

For what it's worth, the computer (Cake Manchester) thought this one was easy, solving it almost instantly. Your own mileage, of course, may vary!

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