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Labor Day Race, 2009

The runners above are taking part in an event called the Saguaro Race, held on Labor Day weekend in Arizona. There's a choice between a more serious eight-mile event, or a two-mile "fun" event. Given the heat of the Arizona desert, and our less than stellar endurance, we know which one we would opt for--- but to each his own, and we're certain that a good time will be had by all.

As our own celebration of Labor Day, the holiday set aside for recognizing the ordinary worker who makes America great, we offer our own race, and we promise that it's much less taxing than the Saguaro event. It's a race against the Javascript clock to solve a checker problem before time runs out. The problem will tax your brain, but not all that much, so we'll give you 30 seconds to figure it out. (The Saguaro participants, no matter which event they choose, can't possibly finish that fast!)

Click on the link below to display the problem, then come back and click on Read More to see the solution.

September Speed Problem (moderately easy, 30 seconds)



White to Play and Win


This is really a fairly easy stroke problem: 21-17 14-21 5-7 2-11 8-24 20-27 32-30 and Black is completely blocked. White Wins.

And now, enjoy your Labor Day, and after racing in the heat, refreshments are in order!

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