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Send in the Marines

When a rapid response is needed in times of crisis, we often hear the expression, "Send in the Marines!" And indeed, the United States Marines are renowned for their ability and willingness to take on tough problems and solve them quickly.

This month's speed problem doesn't require a rapid response force of the military kind, but does indeed require quick wits and checker skill. It's a problem that mid-20th century checker great Millard Hopper demonstrated to members of the United States Marines while Mr. Hopper was on a USO tour during World War II. The Marines learned to solve it; can you?

Ten seconds on our Javascript clock is all we're giving you, so snap to attention and take off at double time!

June Speed Problem (easy)

Check your solution by clicking on Read More, and that's an order, checker player!


10-7 3-17 13-22 18-25 11-20 25-30 20-24 30-26 24-19 etc. White Wins.

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