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The Speed of Winter


Perhaps we say this every year --- but winter is speeding in North America, and by the time this column appears it may already be here. At our offices in Hawai`i, we'll soon have those nights when the temperature dips down below 70F, and we understand that in places such as Michigan it gets even colder than that.

And with winter speeding in, it's time for a nice little speed problem sent by regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon.

We've more or less dispensed with our Javascript clock in the interests of keeping our site accessible even on the most basic browsers, or for folks who turn Javascript off as a security measure. So time yourself, if you wish. How speedy can you be in finding the solution to the problem below? It certainly falls in the "easy" category.

Black to Play and Win


Got it? We thought so, but you should still click on Read More just to be sure.null


15-18 22x15 10x26 31x22 6-9 22-18 13x22 Black Wins.

If you're a newer or less experienced player, you may not have seen this at once. Don't worry. It all comes with time and practice.

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