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Make John Acker Go Away!


Checker fans around the world know and appreciate John Acker's efforts to bring us the best in checker tournament reporting. In 2011, John took his coverage to a new level providing live internet streaming of the Moiseyev - Borghetti world championship match.

This coming June, Alex and Michele will meet again to contest the world 3-move championship, with the venue moving from the US to Italy.

John naturally plans to be on hand to provide professional quality coverage of the event, including another live video stream.

The only problem is that this will be an expensive undertaking, running to about two months of John's salary. John is requesting the help of checker fans to defray these costs. Just a few dollars each from potential viewers would make a big difference.

Please help make John Acker "go away" to Italy! John explains how you can do just that:

"Thanks in advance for your consideration--- feel free to contact me at or 217-778-3451 if you have any questions. As always, you can donate online via the ACF Store (, or you can send a check or money order to the ACF at P.O. Box 3488, Columbus, OH 43210-3488. Just write "Acker travel fund" on your check, so we know where you want the money to go. I'm really looking forward to visiting Italy, and to making this the best World Championship Match yet!"


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