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Taking A Break

Some of the problems and study material presented in our weekly columns are, to say the least, somewhat challenging for the average player. But we've always tried to a make a point of having something for everyone, so, once again, we're "taking a break" from the really hard stuff and presenting a problem that is interesting, practical, and not so difficult.


Black to Play and Win


Black is a man up, but not for long. Still, there is a very nice win on the board. Can you see it? We'd rate this problem as no higher than "intermediate" in difficulty, and we're sure the more experienced players will call it "easy." Whatever it may be, can you solve it? The truly easy thing about it: clicking on Read More will lead you right to the solution.


31-27--A 10x17 5-9 Black Wins.

A---Alternatively 5-9 10x17 21-25 (31-27 same as main line) 30x21 31-27 Black Wins.

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