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CV-3: Sturges Remembered


Joshua Sturges is best known to us for his early treatise on the game of draughts, or checkers. But as an innkeeper and proprietor of a "publick house" he was known for other things, including his ledger system for other innkeepers. Truly he was a man of many talents.

We continue our series of special Wednesday columns, intended to present a little extra entertainment during the current public health crisis. Today's problem, CV-3, was kindly provided by master problemist Ed Atkinson. He calls it Sturges Remembered (for checkers rather than innkeeping). That title might give you a small hint for this problem.

Once again we'll hold the solution for two weeks, at which time we'll present problem CV-4.

Without further ado, here's CV-3.

Problem CV-3
White to Play and Win


Enjoy solving this one! And stay safe and well, checker fans, wherever you are.null

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