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The Simple Life

This past holiday season was filled with the usual hustle and bustle, and often stress triumphed over enjoyment. Many of us are a bit relieved, in fact, to return to the simpler, more ordinary days of the year.

Here's a Tom Wiswell problem, then, that seems to promise us the joy of simplicity.


White to Play and Draw


White is a man down but regaining it is child's play. Has the simple life arrived, and have we solved a Wiswell problem in mere seconds?

Alas, life is not easy, and neither is this problem. Can you, without too much stress, see through to the solution, and bask in contented post-holiday enjoyment?

Don't fret. You can always click on Read More to check your answers.


31-27 30-26 (not 23-26) 27-18 26-22 18-14 (if 18-15, 2-7 Black Wins) 2-6 32-27 22-18 14-10 6-15 21-17 19-23 17-14 18-9 (if 23-32 14-23 and White Wins) 27-11. Drawn.

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