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A Friendly Sitting

Our title for today's column comes from a rather old checker magazine, which states that the problem situation shown below came from an informal or "friendly" match played somewhere in Ohio back in the day. Certainly, checkers can be a most sociable pastime, and we would hope that we can all be friends, even given the rather intense competition and rivalries that the game can often engender.

The problem itself, of course, is rather "friendly" in its own right, and we don't think that you'll have a lot of trouble solving it.


Black to Play and Win


Sit down, make friends with the problem, and then click on Read More to see the most agreeable solution.


6-10 15x6 1x17 21x14 7-10 14x7 3x10 26-22---A 10-14 White Wins.

A---Or 26-23 10-15 White Wins.

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