The Checker Maven

SQL Injection

The Checker Maven was subject to another cyberattack: our checker postcard site was mildly defaced. It seems that, unknown to us, the postcard software we use had a certain flaw which allowed a type of attack called "SQL injection." We won't bore you with all the technical details; suffice it to say that we've restored the site to normal and patched up our software to hopefully avoid such problems in the future.

More importantly, we do need to (someday!) redo our postcard site. While we think it's a great feature, it relies on the postcard recipient clicking on a link to our site to see their postcard. Unfortunately in today's world, clicking on links to sites that are unfamiliar (and we admit that not quite everyone knows about our site, at least not yet!) can be very risky. So when we redo the site, we'll provide a postcard mechanism that won't require anything more than opening your email.

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