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Alex Moiseyev, Problem Composer (Part 2 of 2)

Alex Moiseyev

Last month we presented the first of two English checker problems by champion Alex Moiseyev, who holds the title of Grandmaster not just in checkers, but in checker problem composition for the 10x10 International game.

Let's have a look at the second and last problem in our series, one that is indeed worthy of a titled player.

White to Play and Win


This problem is definitely at the master level. But don't let that discourage you; there is a lot to learn from trying to work through it. When you're ready, click on Read More to see the solution and notes.null


Solution and notes are by Alex Moiseyev. The symbol "+" here indicates a White win and "=" indicates a draw.

21-17---Z, 22x29, 18-15, 13x22, 27x25, 29x22, 14-9, 5x14---A, 10-6, 1x19, 3x26, 32-28, 31-27, 28-32, 27-24, 19x28, 26-23+

A---7x14, 31-27, 32x23, 15-10, 14x7, 3x10, 5x14, 10x19+.

Z---3-8?, 22x29, 10x3, 5-9*, 14x5, 23-26, 31x22, 32x14 =

We hope you liked this little series, and once again we thank Alex for the problems and Brian Hinkle for arranging for their publication in The Checker Maven.

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